The Next Stage, Part A

December 12, 2013


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Yesterday I mentioned I’m leaving A&E Networks after 27 years.

I can barely process the reality of this, but fortunately I’m energized by what’s next.

And what’s next is…

I’m starting my own company.
Hanging my own shingle.
Launching my own business.
Paying my own bills.
Working under a new name. (Story to follow, but here’s a hint!)
Living under a cool logo. (Thanks Lindsay Kragten!)

I suppose this means I’ll be managing my own IT issues too … yikes!!

But what I am going to actually do?

The answer isn’t simple, in part because I’m going to pursue two things I love.  Both “jobs” are in my wheel house, but they move at different paces, so they can co-exist nicely.  Today I’ll cover the first initiative…

#1 – Content Creation

In my current job I sell A&E Networks’ distribution.  This means taking our suite of services (A&E, History, Lifetime, LMN, Bio, H2, THCe, MHC, CI) and securing a place with distributors such as Dish, Comcast, Cox, etc.

In my new job, I will make and sell actual shows.  In television parlance, I’m becoming an Executive Producer. This means I’ll develop concepts for new programming, produce the concepts into actual video, and sell those ideas to networks like A&E.

In fact, I hope A&E Networks will be my first customer.

The story is a long one, which will eventually receive plenty of space in this blog, but for the past year I’ve been developing a show for Lifetime.  I’m starting in the “reality” space, but beyond that I have to be short on specifics!

What I can tell you is we recently shot a “mini-pilot” for Lifetime and are just finishing the edits. It’s been unbelievably exciting.  I’ve loved the process so much, I’ve summoned all of my courage and am jumping into producing full-time.

However, for all of the fun, there are no promises the show will be “picked up” (translation – put on television) nor is there any indication of timing or  when I could get a paycheck from my work

But there is oh so much more than making money.

There’s an adventure with a cast I ABSOLUTELY love!

There’s the learning curve with “Show Runners” who literally called the shots during our shoot. (That’s not a pun, telling cameramen which “shot” to get is the show runner’s job.)
There’s the on-going collaboration with the network executives, the production company, and the cast. (Did I mention how much I love this cast?!)

But mostly there is a heightened level of creativity in everything I’m doing.
If I thought I was sensitive to story-telling BEFORE, this is like saying I’m a writer after penning my opening paragraph.

If I thought I was exercising my innovation muscles BEFORE, this feels as if I’m signing up for an Ironman.

You are catching me early in the process, and I hope you’ll indulge me as I share this adventure.

I’ll tell you upfront, you may not believe in God, but when you hear how I landed in this position, you will ABSOLUTELY believe in miracles!

Tomorrow I’ll let you know Part B!

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28 Responses to “The Next Stage, Part A”

  1. Julie Tiemann Says:

    I was too anxious to wait for a Facebook link so hopped over to see if your blog had posted. WOW, Joy! Words elude me (shocking) because the adventure is so epic, but I can’t wait to see this unfold! (You are such a fun person to know!)


  2. Staci Parker Says:


    Very cool. But not surprising your next adventure is very cool. I’d love to hear more about it. Maybe we can catch up over coffee? Looking forward to hearing/reading more about it.



  3. Sheila Mitchell Says:

    Wow!!! How exciting to see what our awesome God has next for you and your 9 toes!!!!
    I’m cheering you and the team of people you touch each day on this new journey!!! I admire you so much being able and willing to jump and see how God directs your landing with each leap u take!!!
    Go JOY❤️!


  4. Scott Hightower Says:

    Fantastic Joy! I am very happy you are taking the plunge!


  5. Mark Allman Says:

    Hi Joy,
    I am excited to learn what all you are going to do. I do know you should be doing a cooking show of some sort!! 🙂


  6. Jo Ann Humphries Says:

    Wow, Joy! My interest is piqued.


  7. Bram Floria Says:

    Way to go, lady! I hope the 2nd part doesn’t include horses, or you may have to change the company name every time the ponies get skittish…


  8. Fiona G Says:

    this is soooo exciting!!! cant wait to hear more! Go God, Go Joy! 🙂


  9. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing Joy….I hear the excitement in your “voice” and I love it! 🙂 can’t wait to hear more


  10. Nancy (Puthuff ) Silver Says:

    Amazing. I love to watch your life unfold. God is soooo big. Prayers for His will here and a glorious outcome.


  11. Kevin Burdette Says:

    so exciting!!! congrats for taking the leap! best of luck and can’t wait to watch this unfold!!


  12. Ellen East Says:

    So brave! And so cool — congrats and best wishes. We’ll see you on the Emmy’s!


  13. Jessica Says:

    Joy — I am so excited for you and the whole Phenix crew as you start this exciting new chapter in your life. I can’t wait to hear about your Lifetime show, and I look forward to helping you in ANY WAY I can.

    Much much love and support! You go girl!


    Jessica, Paul, Andre and Kona


  14. Amy Johnston Says:

    This is so exciting, Joy! I know you are going to do a great job. I know I don’t always comment on here, but I love reading your blog and somewhat keeping up with y’all.


  15. Betsey Lebow Says:

    Joy. Wonderful. And by “tomorrow” did you mean “today”? I hope so. Can’t wait to hear more…


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