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Dreaming Big

February 9, 2016


“Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.” George Carlin I’m a sucker for stop-motion films as a both a story and art form. Woody, a short from […]

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Sun-dried Tomato Spread

August 2, 2015


Are you having company over tomorrow and you need a new appetizer?  Or maybe you have a home where people drop by and you always like serving a “little sumpin’ sumpin’” to nosh on.  Well, the appetizer below is pretty much the easiest appetizer I make.  It has a few more ingredients than my “two-ingredient” […]

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Tomato Tart

May 31, 2015


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get a little ambitious in deciding how many tomatoes I’ll use in any given week. This is especially true during the summer when tomatoes look so amazing and promise such deliciousness.   When I “overbuy,” I love to use my excess lovelies to put together a quick and […]

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How do you lie to yourself?

December 30, 2014


I love a good magic trick. I love the shock and awe of someone tricking me.  In this fun TED talk, the magician Marco Tempest claims being a magician is the only “honest” profession because it promises to deceive. In this case, he uses phones from the audience and the talk is delightful. Besides the […]

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Thin Mints

December 13, 2014


The recipe below was the first one I ever posted on my blog. We make Thin Mints at a regular clip, but especially at Christmas since they are an easy way of contributing to any cookie tray. If you haven’t made these yet, you have to give it a try!! *********************************** “Be Prepared” – Girl […]

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Two Ingredients* Chocolate Chip Muffins

December 6, 2014


Can you call it call it baking if you use only TWO ingredients?  Sure you can! This is my “go to” for everything last minute: the teacher’s luncheon, the make-a-meal for a family, the surprise company, and, of course, the Christmas party.  I routinely stock my fridge with these two things, so I’m good to […]

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Awkward Comedy

October 7, 2014


In case you haven’t noticed, hilarious commercials are no longer restricted to Superbowl weekend. You know how I love great marketing (see here, here, here, and here) and the latest GE spot might be my favorite yet.  I have worked in and with the GE organization and GE is not exactly known for its cutting […]

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10 Principles That Keep My Kitchen Sane

September 7, 2014


I’m no organizational expert…in fact, I only get really opinionated about organization if it’s something that I use. If you have serious organizational dilemmas, I highly recommend hiring an expert, like my friend Lindsey, to help you through the process.  Ultimately you have to figure out what’s best for you and to find a system […]

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One Way to Make Guests Feel Special

July 9, 2014


I hope the neighbors don’t hate us. We are the reason the street is so often packed with cars.  Granted, our street is narrow and a single extra car on the street makes it feel crowded.  Still, annoying the neighbors seems like a small price to pay to have company.   I love having people […]

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Nutter Butter Pie

June 7, 2014

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Vacation starts TODAY, so I’m unleashing a week of  favorite posts you may have missed. Today’s post was published a couple of years ago, but has been “pinned” a few hundred times. (Pinterest continues to amaze me!!) In case you missed it, now you can pin it yourself!! ******************** Buckle up friends, the recipe below unleashes […]

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