Puppy Life Lessons

April 10, 2012


This week Mack, our Labrador Retriever, turns one.

That’s good news because all of us survived the “puppy year” (notice that I’m banking on the puppy stage remaining a single year.)  While our landscaping, carpet, book collection,and wardrobes are considerably the worse for wear, as a family we are grateful for all that this smart, energetic, happy dog has taught us.  In fact, there are so many lessons that I decided to limit the report card to one insight a month.

In all likelihood, the lessons apply even if you’ve never owned a puppy.


“Personal space” is over-rated (attention, however, is  not).


Dream big, eventually your skills will catch up (or you’ll grow into your feet).


Embrace your strengths  (especially if you love water sports!).


Love is best nurtured in a “safe environment” (or don’t mix puppy teeth and electronics).


Speak softly, but carry a big stick (or, at least, fetch one).


Go For It! (and have good form while you’re at it)


Patiently wait for family members (even when they over-sleep).


Watch what you eat (even if waiting makes you drool).


Don’t be afraid to get dirty (even if it’s cold outside)!


Don’t fear vulnerability (you’ll sleep better at night).


Embrace outsourcing (especially if it involves someone else cooking)


Hold tight to what you believe in (but don’t be destructive in the process).


Stay close. (Always)

Happy Birthday Mack!  You’re a credit to your breed and we love learning from you.

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3 Responses to “Puppy Life Lessons”

  1. Frances Haavie Phenix Says:

    Oh Mack!

    Not only have we seen you grow up into a dog but you have worked you way into our hearts. Your bell is hanging from our door just waiting for you to come to see us. FYI: The water is up and ready for you to dive in. You are brave enough to conquer the temperature when all of your “big people” are still wimps. Come to see us soon.



  2. gwen Says:

    Pepper and I love these pictures. Unbelievable how quickly He grew up. I love the last one!


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