About Me

When I was in High School a speaker at graduation told the audience of nervous seniors not to worry about being a fraud.  He told us that we had a right to be in our future positions.  We belonged in the college, job, or career that we would land.  He warned us that we would be plagued by doubt and would often look at our place and wonder if we belonged.

Not to worry, he said.  Just because you have to fake it sometimes, doesn’t make you a fraud.  You belong.

Those words made an impression on me and when I “discovered” my strengths, I realized that I had taken this “input” and made it my own.  That’s a big part of who I am.  I devour ideas and incorporate them into my thinking, behavior, and creativity.  Most of the time I remember the source and I quote stories and people ad nausuem. I look for fresh ideas to use at work, at home, and even at play (which is what I call things that make my creative juices flow!).   I share what I find with friends, co-workers, and  people I mentor.  Sometimes it’s challenging to keep up with the information

So, to help organize these thoughts , this blog is a bit of creative museum.  I wanted a place to deposit some of those musings that I’ve folded into “me.”  Albert Einstein said that the secret to creativity is to “hide your sources.”  I don’t think he was advocating plagiarism, I think he was saying to learn from others.  To see what they’ve done and to build on it.

You’ll also see in this blog the underpinnings of the people who shape me: my parents,  husband,  kids,  friends, and even the yellow puppy.  It will be easy to spot how 25 years in the cable industry have impacted my thinking on leadership, mentoring, and career growth.   In all of this you’ll notice the influence of my faith and how challenged I am to respond to a God who loves me so much.

My hope is that some of my discoveries will be fun for you.